Embrace ERP Solutions

Embrace is end-to-end ERP software, with the capacity to cover a wide range of industries and the backing of  world class implementation and support professionals.  Backed by over 38 years of ongoing research and development, consulting, and expert experience,  Embrace software is an established solution with the ability and flexibility to meet clients’ unique and specific requirements. Explore Embrace ERP below. 


Streamline complex sales and distribution processes, including quotation, sales order entry, stock allocation, delivery, and invoicing to maximize competitive advantage, customer service levels, cash flow, and profits.


The Embrace Manufacturing Solution meets complex requirements with full visibility, inventory control, forecasting and demand management, enabling manufacturers to plan, execute and control production more efficiently and effectively.

Supply Chain

Ensure that the key elements driving inventory across your supply chain are coordinated, tracked, and controlled to optimize stock levels, free up working capital, provide excellent customer service and increase profits

Inventory Management

Tight control and complete visibility empower your team to effectively meet customer demand, maintain high customer service levels, increase operational efficiencies, stream line stock movement, run leaner, and drive down supply chain cost.

Service & Workshops

The flexible Embrace Service Solution provides effective tools to manage all service environments , helping you to exceed customer expectations, improve productivity, increase asset utilization, increase profitability, and control costs.


Improve financial operations, stay on top of changing business models, and achieve financial strength for the future with comprehensive, integrated financial management designed for innovation.

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