General Ledger

Enterprise-Wide Financial Visibility at Your Fingertips

How Does the Embrace General Ledger Benefit You?

The Embrace General Ledger is the foundation of the fully integrated Embrace software suite. Although the modules are closely linked, this module can stand apart as a solid and functionally rich ledger capable of managing the accounts for any size enterprise.

The Embrace General Ledger enables enterprise-wide financial recording, analysis, and reporting from every area of the business to facilitate the management of corporate performance and monitor return on investment.

Benefits of a Speedy Implementation

Speedy implementation coupled with minimal effort provides the enterprise with a plethora of security and other advanced features. The system is designed to manage the chart of accounts and budgets, post journals (automatic, manual, accrual and standard), and write financial statements.

“One of the biggest benefits is that all the modules are fully integrated and that everything integrates into the General Ledger. That’s huge! From procurement through sales, inventory, work in progress, and shipping, the information feeds through seamlessly to the General Ledger, making accounting easier and faster.”

  Mark Knight - Financial Director

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