Sales Orders

Maximize Profit and Improve Customer Loyalty

Sales contract with man and woman shaking hands on sales deal to increase profits, reporting and inventory benefits in Embrace ERP

A Comprehensive Sales Order Module Providing In-Depth Insight

The Embrace Sales Order Processing Module enables organizations to act immediately to improve sales, service, and marketing effectiveness. Maintain extensive customer information, create quotations quickly, convert them to sales orders seamlessly, and be responsive to your customers to ensure customer retention and loyalty.

The Embrace Sales Order Module provides an efficient flow of information and provides in-depth insight into the main business of Sales Order Processing and Distribution, such as inquiry, sales order processing, backlog management, returns handling, and delivery.

Drill from high level to detailed information, capture trends, and analyze sales data.

“Embrace ERP enables us to receive and process thousands of orders per day with maximum speed and efficiency. This means fast and accurate flow of information at a fraction of the cost!”

  Jaco Kriel - Managing Director

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