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Manage Your Service Centers Profitably, Efficiently, and Effectively

Service Jobs: Two engineers perform maintenance on aircraft jet engine

The Embrace Service Jobs Module

The Embrace Service Jobs module is designed to help you meet and exceed customer expectations, improve productivity, increase asset utilization, and control costs. The system will manage, schedule, and process service jobs, as well as track both routine and unplanned maintenance repair jobs. The Embrace Service module is suited for both external and internal workshop environments, whether at a customer site, as a field service operation, or in a workshop environment. The smooth operation of a service system transforms your service center from a business cost into a business driver.

Centralized and Simplified Management of Costs

Management of costs are centralized and simplified. All costs, including labor, material, outplant, and other ancillary charges are controlled. Actual costs are measured against set standards to determine efficiency and profit margins.

Large Projects Management

Large projects are managed over their entire duration while accurate job costing and project control are maintained across multiple service centers. Additional central system software capabilities, such as the ability to handle progress invoicing, allows for centralized control from a single system. The Embrace management control design scales from small to very large service project efforts, providing significant control and visibility at every step.

“We have been using the Embrace ERP business solution for more than 30 years. The solution met our decision criteria then, it meets our decision criteria today and I have no doubt will meet our decision criteria in the future.”

  John Lachenicht - Chief Operating Officer

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