MPS - Master Production Scheduling

Balance Customer Requirements, Meet Demand, and Minimize Inventory Costs

Plan with Embrace MPS

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) is a crucial element of the production planning process for manufacturing companies. It involves creating a detailed plan for the production of finished goods, based on forecasted demand and available resources. MPS outlines the quantity and timing of production runs for each product, taking into account factors such as capacity constraints, inventory levels, and customer demand. This plan is typically created on a weekly or monthly basis and serves as a guide for production activities throughout the planning horizon. The ultimate goal of MPS is to balance customer requirements with production capabilities in order to meet demand while minimizing inventory costs and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

“Embrace helps us ensure that we maintain adequate stock to supply the right material for an application at the right price, without sacrificing quality and performance for the end user."

  Pranesh Maniraj - Managing Director

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