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Embrace Work In Progress

Embrace Work in Progress Software enables you to minimize job costs by efficiently utilizing all production resources. Accurately control costs of work orders currently in progress by tracking the material, labor, and outwork. Efficiently control inventory movement to and from each job.

All parts, materials, labor, and outwork are recorded in the Work in Progress module and these additional costs are included in the cost. Once completed, the item is either transferred to Inventory as a new part number, or sold and invoiced at the new accumulated cost.

Detailed enquiries, with full drill-down capabilities, gives full visibility to all transactions, variances, scrap, and part billings.

Embrace Clients Use Work in Progress for All of the Following Tasks:

  • Track and manage material and operational job costs
  • Schedule jobs according to the production calendar
  • Automatically create jobs from Sales Orders, Quotations, and MRP
  • Perform detailed enquiries
  • Monitor scrap
  • Perform variance analysis

"One of the biggest benefits to us is that Embrace is a fully integrated ERP business system, giving me access to accurate, real-time information throughout the entire business."

  Danie Venter - Managing Director

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