Supply Chain

Strengthen Every Link in Your Supply Chain to Maximize Profitability

Embrace Supply Chain Management Software

Manufacturing companies need the ability to improve complex supply chain processes when faced with managing supply chain challenges in today’s competitive business environment. Agile supply chain management is a critical element to increase profits and cash flow. These processes include the procurement, movement, storage, and distribution of all goods, materials, and related information from original source to end users. Information systems have become the essential link, enabling companies to coordinate these activities and make business flow.

If you are looking for a solution to strengthen and embrace every link in your supply chain, look no further. Embrace Supply Chain Management Software enables the most agile, efficient, effective and lean distribution operations, improved customer service, and increased profits by providing real-time visibility, comprehensive reporting, enhanced traceability, recall management, and stock control, spanning the entire Supply Chain.

“By streamlining and automating our forecasting, procurement, production, and service processes, Embrace has enabled us to maintain our competitive edge as well as deliver superior service to our customers.”

  Mark Knight - Financial Director

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