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Maximize Revenue, Manage Your Assets, and Increase Operational Efficiency

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Embrace Rental Management handles every aspect of your day-to-day rental business, delivering everything you need to control, manage, and improve efficiency. Whether you are a single branch or a multi-national rental company, Embrace offers maximum flexibility and scalability with the broadest choice of functionality and integration options for every type of rental business.

Full Control

Embrace Rental enables you to control the entire life-cycle of a contract from booking to invoice. System flexibility enables billing to be based on time, usage, or both.  It allows for for an unlimited number of additional charge items, such as delivery and recovery fees, insurance, consumables, abuse, and over use factors.

Clear Visibility

Embrace Rental provides a clear view of assets under rental. Availability recording, monitoring, enquiry, and reporting are an integral part of the solution. The rental planning board provides clear visibility of rental items, availability, and location within a single rental location or across multiple rental centers.

Greater control over your assets and stock will maximize utilization, minimize costs, and increase profitability.

"The benefits of Embrace flow through the entire company. Embrace has made everybody’s job so much easier and reduced frustration. We are now able to use our people more effectively. We are proud to say that implementing Embrace ERP was the right decision!"

  Liezel De Fouw – Finance Manager

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