Manufacturing Orders

Streamline Production, Accurately Predict the Cost of Every Job, and Track Performance

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Embrace Manufacturing Orders

Embrace Manufacturing Orders enable you to plan, track, and control the production of products according to specifications, efficiently and profitably while maintaining quality standards.

Manage and maintain your Manufacturing Orders effortlessly. Create production orders for the manufacture of both standard and non-standard products quickly and easily, which includes specific product configurations created using the Embrace Sales Product Configurator. Raw materials and labor based on routings and bills of materials are automatically allocated.

Embrace Clients Use Manufacturing Orders To Do the Following:

  • Create Manufacturing Orders either from a standard bill of materials, or from scratch without previously defined components
  • Use Bills of Material with Routing Details through Work Centers to guide shop floor operations
  • Compare projected manufacturing cost with the actual cost for accurate analyses of productivity and profitability
  • Associate jobs with Manufacturing Orders for detailed cost analysis
  • Edit Manufacturing Orders to create custom job orders
  • Allocate special items such as labor, supplies and tooling to customize a Manufacturing Order
  • Automatically convert quotes to sales orders
  • Attach files and pictures to Manufacturing Orders to provide online documentation
  • Create detailed Manufacturing Order pick lists
  • Pick partial or complete Manufacturing Orders
  • Back-flush complete or partially completed Manufacturing Orders
  • Automatically adjust raw material inventory levels based on actual production yield
  • Record scrap resulting from specific Manufacture Order processing
  • Transfer completed products directly to finished goods inventory
  • Leverage extensive tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Ensure a high level of customer service

“With most ERP packages the business has to fit the system and that’s one of Embrace’s greatest differentiators – Embrace can fit the business!”

  Wayne Walton - Managing Director

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