AR - Accounts Receivable

Maximize Return on Assets by Streamlining Your Accounts Receivable Process

What Is Accounts Receivable?

An efficient Accounts Receivable process has a direct and positive impact on maximizing your return on assets.  A streamlined cash collection process ensures that cash outstanding is kept to a minimum, reducing bad debt, reducing average days to pay, and improving valued customer relationships.

Embrace noticeably simplifies processes including cash application and credit management. Using security controls and rules helps reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

The Embrace Accounts Receivable Module

The Embrace Accounts Receivable module is designed to cater to the needs of all trading enterprises, supporting Sales, Service, and Customer Relationship Management while providing excellent control and functionality to the Accounts Receivable department.

"With the consolidated reporting, we are able to generate and evaluate reports quickly, resulting in more accurate and timely information for focusing on reducing bad debt and increasing cash flow. This has helped save a lot of time in terms of administration and improved customer service. We now have time to focus on other risk areas as well as strategic aspects of our business.”

  Nico Smit - Chief Financial Officer.

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