MRP II - Manufacturing Resource Planning

Embrace Improved Levels of Performance with Intelligent Scheduling

What Is Embrace MRP II?

Fully integrated with Sales, Forecasting, and Procurement, Embrace MRPII (Manufacturing Resource Planning) ensures the right amount of raw materials at the right time to support manufacturing, along with shop floor production planning, machine capacity scheduling, demand forecasting, and analysis and quality tracking tools. MRPII also has tools for tracking employee attendance, labor contribution, and productivity.

Embrace MRPII incorporates the value stream all the way through the manufacturing facility to the shipping dock where the product is packaged and sent to the end customer.

“While Embrace has improved our business, it's the MRP functionality that gets the most accolades. With the vast number of components we have and use, we can’t wing it. We have to rely on the system and with everything set up correctly, Embrace Manufacturing works like a dream!”

  Leon Maritz - General Manager

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