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Maximize Throughput and Profitability

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The Best Service Management Software for Your Business

The flexible Embrace Service Solution provides effective tools to manage all service environments and maximize throughput and profitability. Management of costs is centralized and simplified. All costs, including labor, parts, buyouts, outwork by third parties, and other ancillary charges, are controlled while actual costs are measured against set standards to determine efficiency and profitability.

Embrace ensures accurate job costing and project management across multiple service centers.  With the ability to handle progress invoicing, Embrace allows large projects to be managed over their entire duration, all from a single system.

Embrace Service Solution Benefits

The Embrace Service Solution is robust, fully integrated, and enables the tracking of parts availability, outwork status, placement of purchase orders, and labor tracking used on any job or project. Rework is monitored to measure efficiency, while specialized processes and controls manage warranty repairs, damaged items, loan units, backups, and swap outs, with the flexibility of splitting the charges to more than one party.

Planning Board Tool

The integrated Planning Board is a tool to assist in managing planned maintenance schedules of equipment, together with unplanned maintenance jobs or breakdowns, and provides functions to maximize the load on workshop resources and maximize manpower utilization.

“Upgrading to Embrace with the enhanced Service Module has changed our lives.The whole process is now fully automated. We have less paperwork as well as huge time and cost savings. Our Embrace ERP software solution has paid for itself many times over."

  Marienta Pfander - Operations Manager

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