Ensuring the Right Product, at the Right Price, in the Right Place

Man and woman shaking hands on sales deal to increase profits, reporting and inventory benefits in Embrace ERP

The Embrace Sales and Distribution Solution

Modern manufacturing companies need the ability to improve complex Sales and Distribution processes. These processes include quotations, sales orders, stock allocations, delivery, and invoicing. Sales orders can include stock items, unique custom-configured items, non-stocked items, buy-out items, made-up kits, and services. Embrace helps companies to coordinate these activities and ensure they have the right product, at the right price, in the right place.

Embrace Sales and Distribution Software enables the most agile, efficient, effective and lean distribution operations, improved customer service, and increased profits by providing real-time visibility, comprehensive reporting, with product distribution requirements driven by forecasts, sales, and service demand or inventory re-order points.

"Because we have the parts in stock, we can supply immediately, which means we have a happy and returning customer. We have a 30% savings on overnight courier costs and sales revenues have increased. The entire company is benefitting from the system.”

  Pierre Schoeman - Managing Director

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