Purchase Order Receiving

Streamline Inventory Control with Lean Purchase Order Receiving

Purchase Order Receiving

Fully Integrated Embrace Receiving

The Embrace Purchase Order Receiving system is fully integrated with both the Vendor database and the delivery schedules. Purchase Orders can be received in full, automated, mass updates or using individual line entry to confirm particular line items. The purchase order systems integrate with quality assurance to designate material for further inspection. The receiving process utilizes automation of the warehouse management barcoding system to scan individual items into the system, as well as disposition of the inventory to various locations upon receipt. In this way the Purchase Order Receiving processes in Embrace will help to enforce a lean, streamlined inventory control process from the moment the stock enters the warehouse.

Good stock management begins with inventory control and inventory control begins with inventory receiving. The Embrace receiving systems have been created to meet the changing needs of a versatile manufacturing process and, over time, have solidified into a cornerstone of good inventory control practice. Start your optimized manufacturing processes off correctly by utilizing the smart designation of inventory that Embrace provides as soon as the inventory hits the warehouse floor.

“One of the biggest benefits to us is that Embrace is a fully integrated ERP business system. All the modules slot together, giving me access to accurate, real-time information throughout the business. This enables me to take action where necessary and make informed business decisions.”

  Danie Venter - Managing Director

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