Inventory Management

Increase Efficiency, Lower Inventory Investment and Improve Service Levels

A warehouse with inventory stock and boxes, with employees managing goods. One weighs the box, another worker checks inventory.

The Best Inventory Management Software for Your Business

The Embrace inventory management and control solution enables companies to effectively and efficiently meet customer demand, maintain superior customer service levels, increase operational efficiencies, streamline stock movement, run leaner, and drive down supply chain costs, all while providing tight control and complete visibility.

Complete Control

Take charge of inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments with complete multi-location inventory tracking. Gain complete control over complex inbound and outbound inventory transactions, enabling you to reduce carrying costs while delivering on-time orders – every time.

Embrace inventory management is real-time, scalable, and flexible to provide the operational flexibility that different companies require. Items can be configured to suit the organization’s requirements, with no restrictions on length and type.  Items can be grouped into major and sub categories. Extensive use of  categories is made in inventory, sales, stock aging, profitability, demand, and other analyses.

All details about an inventory item are accessed from a single point, including distribution, shipping, sales, service, spares, manufacturing, consignment, in-transit, reconfigures, financials, and more.


Enabling quick and easy access to product information, the extensive cross reference features allows users to access item information using a multitude of methods, such as number, description, catalogue, model and/or old product number. In addition, the last 20 items used are remembered and readily available for use.

The stock request and stock transfer processes with the appropriate approvals and financial updates ensure streamlined movement of stock between internal organizations. 

The reconfigure functionality provides for the simple conversion of stock items to other saleable products using a bill-of-material incorporating out plant operations.

Loan stock, Rep Samples and Damaged stock give visibility into items that need to be handled in a special manner. Cycle and wall to wall stock counts are easy, secure, and auditable.

Secure Processes

Secure, auditable inventory processes ensure that the inventory reflects the latest, most accurate information to assist in balancing inventory investment, customer service, and profitability.

Embrace Inventory Management increases inventory turns, reduces purchasing spend and unnecessary overheads, enabling you to strike the right balance between customer satisfaction and company profitability.

“Embrace stock management and reporting is excellent! Our stock efficiency has improved enormously. We have clear visibility of stock turn, movement, and in process, with indicators of when and how much to order. We can verify stock and have been able to close loopholes in terms of breakage and shrinkage by more than 25%.”

  Ross De Abreu - Managing Director

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