CRP - Capacity Resource Planning

Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency, and Embrace Manufacturing Excellence

Determine Production and Capacity Requirements with Embrace Capacity Planning

Increase your manufacturing efficiency by striking the right balance between supply and demand, while optimizing capacity, increasing production, and reducing waste.

Embrace provides extensive demand management capability with full visibility into future demand and the resources available to meet that demand, enabling you to effectively determine production and capacity requirements.

Embrace gives your company full control with sophisticated scheduling tools enabling forward, backward, and bi-directional finite scheduling. A real-time view of your capacity loads assists you to quickly identify any bottlenecks or problem areas.

“Embrace has assisted us to transform our business into a well-run, process driven business, with process structures and balancing, ensuring we meet our customer demands in offering a quality product as well as a quality service.”

  Shane Rheeder – IT / Systems

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