Save Costs by Automating and Streamlining Procurement Processes


Procurement in Embrace ERP

The integrated procurement functionality within Embrace automates and streamlines your entire procurement cycle. With workflow control and buyer budgets, the procurement tools facilitate close management of procurement spending, giving you the flexibility to cut supply management costs, optimize performance, and lower stock holdings.

Embrace Procurement consolidates all purchasing and procurement processes with integrated solutions to manage quotations, forecasting, purchasing, importing, and inventory flows from centralized Distribution Centers. Purchasing controls are at your fingertips with user managed and workflow controlled requisition processes, management of preferred suppliers, and control over budgets and blanket orders. Integrated Receiving functionality enables buyers and inventory managers to consolidate overseas orders and track physical movements, including loading, embarkation and arrival, customs clearance, and tariff costings.

Embrace Auto Procurements is designed to effectively manage and execute the complete inventory requirements plan within an organization, at both national and regional levels. The inventory requirements are derived from a variety of sources throughout the organization. These demand requirements are consolidated, enabling you to execute the most cost-effective procurement and replenishment plan using Embrace Purchasing, Receiving, and Stock Transfers.

“Embrace’s forecasting and automatic procurement capabilities have been a real game changer. The whole process now takes one week, which translates to a 75% time saving every month. What’s more, our orders are right! We have complete visibility with drill down, and the graphics are impressive. Embrace prevents us from ordering the wrong parts which has resulted in a huge cost saving.”

  Clayton Landman - Procurement Manager

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