Inventory Stock Transfer

Meet the Challenges of Streamlined, Cost-Effective Movement of Stock

Stock Transfers: Warehouse worker drives forklift to move inventory stock.

Embrace Stock Transfer

The stock transfer and stock request processes ensure streamlined movement of stock between internal companies. Transactions tie out with the appropriate approvals and financial updates for a fully integrated inventory management system.

Parameters are set in the warehouse to facilitate transfer requests and stock transfers directly, or via in transit. Stock can be requested, approved, transferred, and controlled from multiple branches and warehouses in the organization. Stock in transit visibility is available through real-time enquiries, stocking reports, and financial analysis.

Planned and forecast transfer requests are maintained within the integrated modules Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) and Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP).

A history of stock movements is maintained by stock item allowing full traceability including serialized and lot/batch numbered stock items.

Additional costs for delivery between the two branches can be rolled up into the final cost and /or selling price. The advantages of well detailed and controlled inventory stock set a rock solid foundation in the Embrace software suite. The benefits of that foundation improve cost margins in all subsequent manufacturing processes which originate with the excellent software tracking of inventory positions in Embrace.

"The biggest benefit to me is that Embrace is fully integrated, fully on-line and real-time. This gives me complete visibility throughout the group with quick access to records, information, and reports. The information is accurate and can be viewed in a format that enables us to make key business decisions quickly.”

  John Lachenicht - Chief Operating Officer

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